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Job Opportunities



The company pays competitive pay for beginning employees with no experience. Sawyer trains them in a lucrative field, increases pay generously, and provides personal health insurance. Most employees have been with the company for several years. Sawyer takes advantage of NAPA’s training programs and other local options for himself and his employees.
The competitive job market in Lake Charles has meant more difficulty finding and keeping good employees. Therefore, if Sawyer wants to grow the company, he must offer an excellent working environment while balancing the productivity and skill level he requires in his workers. He has worked with the state of Louisiana’s Department of Labor to hire new employees and take advantage of training dollars. He is still seeking ways to find candidates with the right aptitude and attitude. He is willing to pay top dollar to hire and keep good technicians. He started from a shop porter and learned the trade up and wants to treat his employees with all respect.

All employees are asked to either be ASE Certified and or obtain certification as soon as eligible and some also hold ICAR Certification.

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